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Planning and execution of complex installations

Airport installations:
....Dubai, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt....

Event equipment for:
....tennis, golf, sailing, horse jumping, car racing....

Professional clock installations in:
....governments, shopping malls, universities....

Individual clocks:
Standard movements for dials up to Ø10m
Complication clocks with their own control units in different standard executions
Countdown clocks with individual target time functions


INDUCTA AG manages the entire marketing cycle:
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Assembling
  • Export and freight management
  • Worldwide installations with INDUCTA personal
  • Worldwide customer service in different languages


  • More than 300 different movements
  • High quality movements for outdoor use, proved in desert and snow conditions
  • Full range of control systems with different synchronisation facilities
  • Know-how of adequate surface finishing for all environments
  • Highly qualified personal with proved experience of the appropriate job

INDUCTA is continuously researching and developping new products and is realising the newest modifications on the actual products to keep the leading market position
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